Good Karma.

"At first, Jeffrey Abramson of The Tower Companies seems too good to be true…"

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A Foundation of Thinking Forward 

The Tower Companies is a family-owned and privately held real estate development and property management company with properties located in and around our Nation’s Capitol in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The company was founded in 1947 by Albert Abramson and is now being actively managed by his three sons – Gary, Ronald, and Jeffrey Abramson. Tower owns, develops, and manages over 5 million square feet of office buildings, office parks, lifestyle centers, regional malls, eco-progressive live-work-play communities and hotels with over 8,000,000 SF in the development pipeline and is known among peers and the entire industry to be a green building pioneer and leader. As stated in their mission statement, “…buildings are among the most sustainable in the world, blending sophisticated design, smart growth principles, unparalleled amenities, and unrivaled service in a way that transforms expectations about real estate and improves the way people live, work, and play.”

For three generations, the family-owned Tower Companies has maintained a commitment to socially responsible development. By the mid-1990s, before “green” was mainstream, they were already focused on smart growth and ecologically sensitive building practices, leading the market with innovative ideas and completely re-engineering how buildings are designed and constructed. As such, the leadership team at The Tower Companies has integrated sustainability and corporate responsibility into all aspects of the business and across departments for team collaboration. 

One of the company goals speaks to this passion as they strive to “Lead by example on environmental responsibility, by developing and managing high performance properties, being a global voice on environmental stewardship, and sharing our sustainable and innovative practices.”  Sustainability is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to set clear organizational goals, ensure efficient operations, reduce operating costs, and attract like-minded clients to lease space in high performing and well-maintained buildings. In fact, 95% of commercial and multi-family residential properties, which are both owned and directly managed by Tower, are LEED® certified and 85% are ENERGY STAR® certified.  In addition, Tower publically reports GHG emissions to The Climate Registry and offsets 100% by purchasing renewable energy and carbon credits to support wind farms and other related projects around North America.

Today, Tower is humbled to be recognized as an international authority in the industry, and being honored for our commitment to sustainability and energy independence by numerous national organizations and federal agencies, including US Green Building Council, US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.