TowerGreen News with David Borchardt Segment 2

Our philosophy is bigger than just green building.


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Together, We Can Re-Evolve

ENGAGE your senses in the experience. Breathe indoor air that is cleaner than outside air. Be still so the daylight in the room may wash over you. Appreciate architecture as art. Allow your environment to empower you. Believe that you are in the right place.

EVOLVE beyond what you know. Think about how choices impact people and the environment. Generate cleaner, more efficient energy – onsite. Invest in human capital every day and encourage others to do the same. Envision a world where resources are replenished, waste becomes fuel, abundance is by design and people prosper by their surroundings.  

EMERGE into the future. The time is now to transcend imagination – to create a place where every individual may know benefits of balance, well-being and prosperity. The Tower Companies invites you to change your perception with us. Change one thought and begin the re-evolution.